Set Up a Phone Call in 2 Easy Steps
We want you to get the information you're looking for in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Please check out Steps 1 & 2 below to set up your call with Dean.
STEP 1: Attend/View the One-Hour Webinar
Have you already viewed the one-hour webinar where Dean explains the entire Selling Luxury Travel™ program?  

If not, this is where to start. This webinar explains how you can become a Luxury Travel Advisor in full detail. 

The phone calls with Dean are only meant for specific questions that weren't discussed in the webinar, so this is the first step. Click here to find a replay of the webinar.
STEP 2: Still have questions? 
We're happy to answer your questions! Choose to ask your question with Facebook Messenger or to set up a call with Dean.